Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Should you wash your hair or not?

More potato news from Peru, where they have more varieties of potato than any other country.

I wouldn't be surprised if current politicians were using opposite members' horoscopes for political gain.

But I don't feel like dancin'
When the old Joanna plays
My heart could take a chance
But my two feet can't find a way
You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway
But I don't feel like dancin'
No sir, no dancin' today.

On that note, am giving up dancing for a while, need more time to get other things done.


John Browne said...

I think I would definitely be in the wash your hair camp!

Are you giving up dancing because no-one will dance with you because of the smell from your hair?

Amadan Ban said...

thats why I need the time, to wash my hair :-p

Limerick Tango said...

When one is reduced to quoting Scissor Sisters lyrics things must be bad.

I suppose the house hunting hasn't gone too well.