Friday, 11 July 2008

musical shells

I have never seen a piano been hit so hard by a pianist, but it did create some great music. I attended the UCH last night for one of the Shannon International Music concerts, Joanna MacGregor & the Irish Chamber Orchestra. It was a really enjoyable concert with a varied mix of music that caressed and invigorated the senses.

I admit I know very little about music, and even less about classical music. Yet I could see the intensity and passion that Miss MacGregor puts into her performance. Often, she would lean forward hunching over the piano and you could see her smiling with glee like a mischievous school child hunched over a desk. Then she would recompose herself, proud and erect, concentrating and listening, like a teacher critically examining every note. She would conduct the orchestra at times when she was waiting for her next piece, always in control.

Some pieces resulted in a wall of sound being created, in particular the Libertango which was amazing. The pedal was to the floor as continuous notes reigned in on existing notes radiating a calvery of sound from the piano. I am sure there are names for such effects. Then there were other times when she pounded the piano with clenched fists and possibly even an elbow with such ferocity, amazing, I think even some members of the ICO were surprised.

After that I was peckish, so I went home to use the eggs that my mum's hens gave me, indirectly and probably involuntary, but I appreciate them all the more for that. I decided to make an omelette, which should be relatively easy but I am not getting it as nice as I would like, not sure what I am doing wrong. Oh well, I think I'll just have to get more eggs and practice :)


John Browne said...

you're making me really sorry I missed it now.
Salsa Celtica on Friday was good aswell. I'll post a picture or two in a while.

Amadan Ban said...

Ah it was a really enjoyable concert alright. And Salsa Celtica were really good too, a great blend of Salsa music and Irish music. Look forward to seeing pictures, hope I am not in any :-p

nicolal said...

ah hello.
bad way of getting in touch.
but I don't have an email address for you. And after I left step aerobics on Monday I couldn't think of you companies name.
So if you could email me that would be great. ta.