Wednesday, 28 November 2007

birthday reviews and interesting times?

Interesting doesn't seem to capture the times that we are living in at the moment. It doesn't reflect the terrible sadness and heartbreack experienced by families involved in the misdiagnoses of cancer. It doesn't reflect the farcical increases in salary given to public servants in the midst of belt tightening. It doesn't reflect the anxiety and turmoil experienced by those facing job losses in Thurles, Limerick and elsewhere. It doesn't reflect the comical management of the Aer Lingus departure from Shannon. It doesn't reflect the joy and tiredness experienced by parents of this years baby boom. It doesn't reflect the frustration and tribulations of sports fans of the various national teams. Interesting times, I am not sure.

Birthday greetings to Skitz who will be doing a granny smith version of James and the giant peach this weekend. Hope they have fun. A party was held in his honour last Saturday night, which was good fun. Lots of people I had not seen in a while, but sadly didn't get to chat to them all. And I got to take three gorgeous girls home also, to their home that is, but still, I can live in hope.

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Connie said...

and thank you once again for lift!
..and we all live in hope! ;)