Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Planets of the sexes!

I heard rumours recently that a certain book was being read late at night in the shadowy darkness of the Storm cinema near a wooden haven. This surprised me as reading and shadowy darkness do not generally work well together. The Gardai at Henry street were unable to comment on the matter. Apparently, their GPS navigator was broken and they could not find the area in question.

Initially, I dismissed the rumour as nonsense. However, after some investigating I was able to discover that a certain individual was stalking the stars in the area. Locals were shocked and appalled. "I am shocked and appalled" said one local. And so were the stars, it has emerged the individual was more interested in the planets than the stars, and in particular Mars and Venus than anything else.

After communications with NASA, I was able to get the individual to disclose some of his results. A detailed analysis is still in progress but already we can see a lot about the planets. We can see that Venus is wider around the waste than Mars, that Mars is able to withstand the cold a lot more than Venus, and while Mars is prone to eccentricity, Venus is much more prone to go ecliptic.

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