Friday, 15 February 2008

random comments on battle in a heavy weight.

It is strange when you are alerted to a place where a killing occurred. Especially, when you are just after arriving to a place. You would think that taxi drivers would not want to scare off potential future passengers.

However, I would recommend the Cottage restaurant in Warrington for its delicious Indian food. I had a Chicken Tikka Pathia which was scrumptuous. The service initially was excellent and then collapsed into non-existency which was a pity. I'd still go back for the food, and also to give the waiters a second chance.

It is strange that the English towns, that I have visited that they, seem deserted on certain nights mid week. While Tuesday night was student night, that is all I saw around students. Wednesday night was vaccuous, so strange. Even the McDonalds was closed at 10 oclock in the town centre.

Infoworld discuss some of the uses of GPS in mobile phones that are on display in the mobile world congress in Barcelona (previously known as the 3gsm congress). They mention Yahoo's idea of getting alerts when your friends come into town, which sounds a little big brother like. However, it does make me wonder how soon will a GPS dating service occur, if one does not already exist? People text a number in a pub and get alerted to possible dates in that pub.

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