Friday, 13 June 2008

blaming exercise and food

The blame games have started already, sigh!

I made a nice simple lil salad the other night. Brocolli, feta cheers, tomatoes and a balasamic vinegar dressing. It is from the first Avoca cook book. It should include roasted hazelnuts but I didn't have any to use. Apparently, I should be eating more fish, so I am going to try some Mackerel with some Citrus dressing next, although the Italian Foodie's branzino e patate al forno recipe looked really good and simple also.

I was in the Limerick Sports store today investigating tackies. They had asked me to bring in my old ones, to establish their inclination. So I brought in my current pair and my old pair. They reckoned that my old pair may have contributed to my various foot/heel problems as they had no support nor cushion, although I thought they were great. They thought my current pair of runners were great but told me they were neutrally inclined and that they only had a couple of months left in them. So now all I have to do is get back exercising, though will probably avoid the steps for a while.

Ryan Tubridy had an Italian chef on this morning. They really shouldn't be allowed to talk about food that hour of the morning. He described a very simple dessert he liked - a caapuchino cup of ice cream with an espresso and a shot of amaretto, sounded delicious.

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