Friday, 20 June 2008

elderflowery goodness, sherbert, and music

We completed the making of our Elderflower Cordial last night. There was very little to do, just strain the infusion mixture and then bottle it. I wanted to lick the bowls clean with the flavour of the thick sweet syrup, hmm delicious. It's a lemony taste enhanced with the flavour and smell of the elderflower. I must try making some Ice Lollies with it, or as there are lots of Elderflower sorbet recipes on the web, I might try some Elderflower sorbet.

When I searched for sorbet, for some reason, I searched for sherbert instead. This resulted in the perusal of this page after which I wouldn't mind making some sherbert. Its parent page has a number of interesting articles about various confectionaries, and its grandparent page has lots more articles about food and drink. It also explains how those rock sticks with words in them are made...

In other news, the Irish Chamber Orchestra have a brochure (PDF) for the MBNA Shannon International Music Festival. There seems to be some great acts on. Thursday night and Friday nights have tango and salsa music respectively, and the salsa gig is free. Hope the weather is good.

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Connie said...

all sounds so yummy and lovely! ;)